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Welcome to Maraleina Sports Resort, where we believe in uniting world-class facilities with a grassroots-mindset to help athletes excel. From our Camps to our Academies, Pro-Maker programme to Professional Representation, we offer a range of opportunities for athletes to hone their skills and take their game to the next level. With top-notch facilities and expert coaches, we're dedicated to helping our athletes achieve their full potential. Join us at Maraleina Sports Resort and experience the ultimate in sports training and development.


To become the most exciting sports and lifestyle destination; to train, perform, experience, play and holiday.


To integrate sports and hospitality in order to create life lasting moments of happiness.
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Focus points

The (even more) beautiful game

Until you’ve played football on Asia’s first oceanside grass pitch, you haven’t experienced quite how beautiful the beautiful game can be…

No train, no gain

Accuracy. Control. Fitness. Endurance. Power. Speed. Strength. Mindset: minute after minute; hour after hour; day after day….

Let us help you excel.

Fuel for success

It’s incredible what a day spent in superlative surroundings can do for confidence, morale, attitude and aptitude.
Discover the free-flowing, positivity-inducing benefits of an advanced setting by the sea...

Beautifying the beautiful game

Coastal grass, stadium, covered and all-weather pitches. High Performance Centre and Rehab Suites. On-site coaches, strategists, physios, therapists and chefs. Swimming and water sports. Club Village, Sports Bar, all-day dining and year-round sunshine. Your hard work plus our high-tech, high-nurture approach equals sporting heaven.

Train your brain

Sports is as much in the head as it is in the body.
With hydrotherapy pools for relaxation, meditation sessions for improved mental flow and meeting rooms for tactical analyses, train your brain to boost your performance.

Sweat meets science

Your hard work plus our high-tech high-nurture approach equals sports training heaven.
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The story so Far

Having lived in many countries as CEO of an oil and gas company, I moved my young family to the paradise location of Koh Samui to give them the best start in life.

I was struck by how few places there were for local youngsters to exercise, have fun, and make friends, so – inspired by the Thais’ passion for my biggest love, football – I established Samui United Academy in 2010 to help talented footballing youngsters achieve their dreams.

Fulfilling my Lebanese football national grandfather’s dying pledges – to do good for the community and continue his footballing legacy – the Samui United Pro-Maker Academy followed, which now covers the training, education, food and kit of more than 80 Thai protégés striving for professional football success. The purchase of semi-professional League 3 Thai team, Nonthaburi United, provided further opportunities for our Academy stars. And in 2022, we officially partnered with French Ligue 1 giants, Paris Saint-Germain, to bring world-class youth training camps to an even wider audience.

To boost our Academy, Camps and Tournaments, and further support the sports and wellbeing needs of the local community, we then decided to extend our operations to a full-facility sports resort: with the structure to become a world-class hub for sporting events, international pre-season training camps, and luxury holidays for families wanting to enjoy and advance their passions for sports.

And so Maraleina Sports Resort was born; named after myself (Ma for Maher), my son (Ra for Rahoul), my daughter (Lei for Leila) and my wife (Na for Natasha): a luxury setting to support the FAN – Football for all Nations project, opening 2023.

The rest, as they say, is footballing history…

Maher Kassar, Founder of Maraleina Sports Resort