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How We’re Doing
And What Others Think About It

Goals Scored: it’s the most important stat in football, driving every player, every day. And just as analytics and analysis are key to developing a winning game strategy, so are testimonials and feedback essential to helping us hit our goals here at Maraleina Sports Resort.
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to boost our team’s morale and performance: every testimonial, award, accolade and recognition continues to drive us to be the best we can be.

Been there, Done that: Here's the postcard

Ornella Rich


Our boys absolutely loved every single day on the camp, a lot of different activities, games and good vibes with friends and coaches. Thank you so much who put a lot of hard work into making this camp.

Elina Dunford


Jake really loved the camp, he told us it was the best camp in the his life and he can’t wait to go to the next one! We also believe that kids had an amazing time, we’ve never heard a single complaint and some days kids even forgot to call us, that shows how engrossed they were!

Julie Mione


Our two children had the chance to participate in the PSG Academy Samui camp, they came back with stars in their eyes and were delighted with the training sessions set up by the team.
The many activities outside of sports allowed the children to relax and have fun. The activities were great. Everything was set up to make the children feel good.
The infrastructure on site is superb, the grounds are perfect. It was the first time we left our children for a week without asking any questions because we knew they were safe.
The coaches are caring and very attentive to the children and we knew they were perfectly safe. They learned a lot from all the sports coaches.
Everything is done to make the child feel good and to train in excellent conditions.
The last closing day was the birthday of one of our sons and the academy was kind enough to prepare two very nice personalized cakes for him. The children became aware of the richness of this training during one week. It was as intensive as it was playful. Bravo to the whole team
Bravo to the academy!

Khoirulazani Ahmad Ziyadi


Amirul Muadz attended the camp at Samui from 19/2 – 25/2. He enjoyed his stay. It was a valuable experience whereby he was able to interact with boys from other countries. To live and experience a whole new environment. The camp was fun filled and he has no complaints on the trainings and activities. The most memorable activity for him was the kayak which was his first. Hopefully in future there would be more participation from the older age group

Meet Previous Pro Boost Players

Ahmad Saleh Hussein


Let me start by saying that the facilities are amazing – it’s like heaven for players! The resort has everything you could possibly need to train and improve your skills. And the best part? It’s only going to get better once all the construction is finished.

The rooms are of high quality and provide a comfortable place to rest and recover after training. However, I do wish there were more players staying at the resort so we could have even more fun together.

The food was top-notch and the service was great, although there’s always room for improvement. But what really stood out to me was the training. I lost a lot of weight and coach Ney helped me get my dreams of being a professional player back. He became more than just a coach to me – he’s a friend and a brother. I feel incredibly lucky to have trained with him.

Overall, I’m one of the luckiest football players to have had the chance to train here at Maraleina Sports Resort. I would highly recommend this place to other players, as it truly has everything you could possibly need to succeed. Thank you, Maraleina Sports Resort, for an incredible experience!”

Nicholo De Nicolas


First of all, I was blown away by the facilities. The resort is top-notch and the staff is extremely professional. It’s a great place to develop as a player, with everything set up for you to focus solely on football.

One of the big reasons why I decided to join the program was because of coach Ney Fabiano. He’s an excellent coach with a lot of experience both in and outside of Thailand. Under his guidance, I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my game.

The accommodations are also really good. You can tell that they’ve been designed with the athlete in mind, providing a comfortable and conducive environment for training and recovery.

Overall, I’m really excited and happy to be part of this professional training program at Maraleina Sports Resort. I would highly recommend it to other players who are serious about taking their skills to the next level. Thank you, Maraleina Sports Resort, for an incredible experience!”

Tournament Testimonials

Tournament name:
FAN-tastic 4 Challenge

21-22 May 2022

Showcasing Thailand’s Top Youth Teams: A Recap of the FAN-tastic 4 Challenge Football Tournament at Maraleina Sports Resort

Maraleina Sports Resort is proud to have hosted the FAN-tastic 4 Challenge, a thrilling football tournament that brought together some of the best youth teams in Thailand. The tournament, which took place over two days, featured four top-tier teams – Buriram United, Muangthong United, Thai Port F.C., and Samui United Pro-Maker – all competing for the title of champion.

The tournament was a great success, with over 500 people in attendance and over 500,000 views on our live stream. The players and coaches from each team thoroughly enjoyed their stay at our resort, which provided them with all the amenities they needed to prepare for the tournament. From top-class pitches to comfortable accommodations, Maraleina Sports Resort ensured that every team had everything they needed to perform at their best.

The matches were highly competitive and showcased the incredible talent and skill of the young footballers. The final saw Buriram United emerge as champions, capping off a spectacular tournament that left everyone in attendance thoroughly entertained.

At Maraleina Sports Resort, we are committed to providing top-notch facilities and hosting high-quality tournaments that bring together the best teams in the region. We are already looking forward to the next edition of the FAN-tastic 4 Challenge and can’t wait to welcome more talented young footballers to our resort.

Tournament name:
Football Tournament October 2022

14-16 October 2022

Maraleina Sports Resort hosts thrilling Boys’ U18 and U15 Football Tournament

Looking back on the Boys’ U18 and U15 Football Tournament held at Maraleina Sports Resort Facilities, we are filled with pride and gratitude for the incredible display of talent and sportsmanship shown by all the teams, players, and spectators involved. The tournament was fiercely competitive, with some of the most talented young players from around the region competing for the top spot. We were honored to have hosted such an incredible event.

In the U18 tournament, Chonburi FC Academy emerged victorious as the top team, with BISP Cruzeiro Academy and Wiangsa Surat Thani City taking second and third place, respectively. The U15 tournament saw Samui United Pro-Maker take the top spot, with Chonburi FC Academy and BISP Cruzeiro Academy taking second and third place.

Over 250 spectators came to watch the games live, cheering on their favorite teams and enjoying the electric atmosphere. For those who couldn’t be there in person, we had over 50,000 viewers tuning in to our live stream to catch all the action. We were thrilled to see such a huge turnout and hope that everyone who participated or watched the tournament had an unforgettable experience.

Thank you again to all the teams who participated and showed us what true sportsmanship and skill looks like. We can’t wait to see what the next tournament will bring!

Tournament Testimonials