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Helping junior stars shine even brighter: Football intensive for young talent

Got what it takes to be the next Mbappé? Train like the pros in a tropical paradise for 7 or 14 days. Up your game with four hours’ professional training per day, with expert performance reports on your skills. Learn more about the beautiful game with talks on football science, life as a footballer and more.

Make (team)mates from around the world in our cool and comfy Camp Village – complete with chill-out TV areas and in-room PlayStations, three meals a day plus snacks. Look the part in your PSG Academy football kit and hone your global footie chat. Then make like the pros and enjoy incredible downtime, from beach BBQs and glow-in-the-dark parties to Thai cooking classes, beach volleyball, outdoor cinema nights, and unlimited swimming in our crystal waters and awesome pools.


Some of Our Previous Shining Stars

Ornella Rich


Our boys absolutely loved every single day on the camp, a lot of different activities, games and good vibes with friends and coaches. Thank you so much who put a lot of hard work into making this camp.

Elina Dunford


Jake really loved the camp, he told us it was the best camp in the his life and he can’t wait to go to the next one! We also believe that kids had an amazing time, we’ve never heard a single complaint and some days kids even forgot to call us, that shows how engrossed they were!

Julie Mione


Our two children had the chance to participate in the PSG Academy Samui camp, they came back with stars in their eyes and were delighted with the training sessions set up by the team.
The many activities outside of sports allowed the children to relax and have fun. The activities were great. Everything was set up to make the children feel good.
The infrastructure on site is superb, the grounds are perfect. It was the first time we left our children for a week without asking any questions because we knew they were safe.
The coaches are caring and very attentive to the children and we knew they were perfectly safe. They learned a lot from all the sports coaches.
Everything is done to make the child feel good and to train in excellent conditions.
The last closing day was the birthday of one of our sons and the academy was kind enough to prepare two very nice personalized cakes for him. The children became aware of the richness of this training during one week. It was as intensive as it was playful. Bravo to the whole team
Bravo to the academy!

Khoirulazani Ahmad Ziyadi


Amirul Muadz attended the camp at Samui from 19/2 – 25/2. He enjoyed his stay. It was a valuable experience whereby he was able to interact with boys from other countries. To live and experience a whole new environment. The camp was fun filled and he has no complaints on the trainings and activities. The most memorable activity for him was the kayak which was his first. Hopefully in future there would be more participation from the older age group

Been There, Done That: Here’s the Postcard